About Us

Robert is the founder of D’Robert’s Jewelers and opened his store in Hemet, California in 1982. Ever since we have been a family owned and operated business. After 28 years of running the business under a sole-proprietorship Robert decided to retire and pass the baton over to his eldest daughter.

Robert’s daughter Veronica is the new president of D Robert’s Jewelers Inc. Over the years many clients have come to know Veronica as synonymous with D’Robert’s Jewelers and so know full well what the new D Robert’s Jewelers Inc. name represents.

With the change of ownership and management has come a change of location. In July 2010, D Robert’s Jewelers Inc. relocated to its new location at the State Street Square close to Downtown Hemet. D’Robert’s Jewelers had been located in the same location since it opened its doors back in 1982. The previous jewelry store had been owned and operated by Mr. Montoya under Sheldon’s Jewelry since 1952. Robert was at that time located in downtown Los Angeles in the Jewelry District and he was Sheldon’s jeweler for so many years.

When Mr. Montoya decided that he was ready to retire he asked Robert if he would be willing to take over the business. After some time Robert decided that he would but under a new name D’Robert’s Jewelers now D Robert’s Jewelers Inc.

Looking back at our history gives us a lot of pride. We have kept our ideas, philosophies and systems which have become our formula for success. We are very proud to be one of a small elite group of Jewelers who still believe in old fashion family and business values. In fact, we are one of the oldest if not the longest standing jewelers in town. This we owe, in fact, to the Valley’s most loyal and best clients. We are proud to have a network of clients that have remained with us over the years some of which have been here since the inception of D’Robert’s Jewelers, and some predating it, and some who have already come to see us at our new location as D Robert’s Jewelers Inc.

Despite the recent economic downturn our future looks promising. D Robert’s Jewelers Inc. continues to build upon our foundation to seek better and faster technologies so that we can more efficiently serve our clientele. We strive to improve every aspect of our organization and are well aware that healthy growth depends upon our ability to improve what we do today.

We are grateful to our associates, vendors, friends and families for their hard work, understanding and patience throughout the years. D Robert’s Jewelers Inc. understands that our success depends upon our ability to enrich those around us so that your success becomes our success.

We believe in getting to know our clients through friendly conversation. Upon entering our store each client is greeted and treated like a friend. We will always inspect and clean your jewelry for free, and we will never rush you in making a decision.

Our motto is "Let us help you make your dreams come true!" our message to the world. Thank you for visiting our website, we know you’ll find what you’re looking for!